At Finger Lakes Dermatology, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • "Dr. Yentzer was terrific. It was my first visit to him and he was patient, explained things well, answered my questions, and respected what was important to me. I'd been to a different dermatologist in town and in two separate visits found her to be short of time, impatient, and unable or unwilling to actually explain her diagnosis or go into any treatment options aside from simply prescribing steroids"
    - DJ
  • "Very happy and treatment only took two months! Dr. Yentzer was very patient and I highly recommend him."
    - DM
  • "I went for my first visit. No, wait. He was quick and did not rush to biopsy things, preferring to watch. Excellent dermatologist."
    - PR
  • "The doctor and nurses were very polite and informative."
    - KB
  • "From the time I walked in the door and out was so quick and friendly. Wish more offices could follow in your footsteps."
    - DH
  • "You are absolutely my most favorite doctor ever!"
    - AW
  • "You are absolutely my most favorite doctor ever!"
    - KR